Online Marketing Startup Service (for Newbies)

Online Marketing Startup Service (for Newbies)

Here’s what you get:

A WordPress website, populated with your landing page or affiliate program, plus SEO, plus 100% human daily traffic to your site for a whole YEAR.

Are you ready to get started with marketing stuff online (such as affiliate products, etc). but don’t know where to begin? Then this service is perfect for you!


Hook into the power of TerrificTraffic, and take advantage of the fabulous program, without ANY of the hassle of setting it all up.

Within 48 – 72 hours, from a standing start, you could be up and running with your own WordPress website, Gravatar, unique email address, Clickbank (or other) affiliate program to promote, and suggested keywords to use. Not only that, you will start to receive genuine visitors to your site!

Not only that – how would you like to have lots of websites running?

We can help.

The Total Package

Heres’ what we offer.

(NOTE – For the Startup service we will not try and juggle with or amend any WordPress site that you have up and running. We begin with a clean sheet).

  1. A WordPress website on NameCheap with the set up and hosting done for you. You choose the domain name.
  2. A unique email address (no need to use your own email address or to try and set another one up)
  3. Gravatar (a necessary program set up for you and functioning correctly
  4. Jetpack plugin installed correctly with the right settings (that’s so important. You can see your stats on a daily basis using Jetpack).
  5. TrerrificTraffic software set up with your offer, and with suggested keywords to start the traffic flowing. Training on how to use better keywords for more results. NOTE: This traffic is then FREE for a whole year! (If you love the traffic, you can extend it on an annual basis for a surprisingly low cost)
  6. Onpage SEO (Search Engine Optimization) sitewide configuration + google settings, and assistance with further SEO (easy-peasy once you are shown)
  7. Schema markup. Schema markup is code that helps search engines to understand your content and better represent it in the search results.
  8. Personal support and assistance with anything that you don’t understand

As you can see, we go way above and beyond what most people can do for themselves. We also ensure that you get results, i.e., genuine human clicks to your offer.

The great news is that you can choose from a variety of affiliate programs and based on your interests. We also suggest some good ones to use.

Would you like to see some of our work?

Go to

This is an affiliate program for Tropic Skincare

Go to:

This site generates a lot of income, and traffic from TerrificTraffic is free! (We also send people there by buying traffic, as it is very lucrative.

Go to

This is a popular program that gets a lot of attention. You would be surprised at how many people are into wealth attraction, and self-development.

Go to:

Here is an affiliate program that is very popular, as more and more people are discovering that they may be gluten intolerant

Go to:

What a popular topic, and what a great site. This is what we can do for you

Go to:

Keto diet is so, so popular. Imagine getting this all set up for you, and getting loads of people visiting your site…

We could go on. We have dozens of sites, and traffic is being driven to them on a daily basis! It is just to give you some idea of the work we do, and the gorgeous results that we obtain.

The Cost

Everything simply everything is done for you. All we require are some details along with payment, and away we go…

Total cost to set up everything for you for an initial site including ongoing support: £159.

This provides you with thousands of unique visitors over the course of 12 months! (Approx. cost if buying traffic would be £3000 – £5000)

Subsequent sites: £109

In other words, you can have as many affiliate programs running as you want. Trust me – once you see the traffic flowing, you will want more affiliate programs set up!

NOTE: We can only look after 12 people a month on the StartUp service (less if someone wants several sites) so be sure to check if we are taking on anyone else at present.

How to pay:

Payment is up front via Paypal:

Or via online bank transfer to

T Blake | sort code 20 05 00 | Account10174572

PS If you want to discuss requirements etc. before you start, or you need a large bespoke WP site built, send an email to with your phone number and a good time to call – no obligation whatsoever. Or use the voicemail service on the contact page.


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