The Perfect Way to Prospect – Texting!

The Perfect Way to Prospect – Texting!

Great. you could learn all about social media. you could make and post loads of videos on YouTube. You could spend your days posting on Instagram, putting posts on Facebook, writing blogs, and tweeting until you are all twittered out. yes, you could do all of that, only to find that your ad gets banned, you have to spend lots of money on advertising, and wasting all your time on busy work’, instead of getting on with running your business venture.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not saying don’t do that sort of stuff if it floats your boat. God knows I have tried it. I have tried doing it myself, only to get my ads banned and god knows why, and I have employed people to do it, who ran up huge bills and got nowhere, apart from not conveying what I wanted to get across to an audience. And don’t talk to me about buying the courses and programs from the gurus, with their webinar, sales funnels, upsells and hugely expensive programs.

Forget all of that effort. Leave that until you are wealthy enough from your venture to sit around and play all day. Instead, let’s have a look at a very good, and superbly efficient way to reach thousands upon thousands of people.

It is called SMS Marketing. Let me explain.

You could do email marketing. However, you will more than likely fall foul of spamming (hefty fines!) AND most of your emails go into people’s spam folders. The statistics tell us that the ‘open rate’ for emails is about 22%. This isn’t counting the people who read emails on their mobiles and then delete them immediately. Oh – another thing – autoresponder services (Mailchimp, Send Grid, Mailjet etc.) don’t actually allow any MLM type of venture.

As we have already discussed – you could do social media marketing. For that, you need deep pockets, and you have to cope with Facebook etc., changing the goalposts just as you get going.

With SMS (text messaging) marketing 99% of text messages are read by the recipients. 94% are opened within 3 minutes. Now that is a brilliant (and cost-effective way of getting your marketing message out there, don’t you think? We have used SMS marketing in all of our business ventures, from offering local service, to worldwide messaging.

…and that’s mainly why we became wealthy. So don’t you think you should be doing the same?

If you have ever heard of Gary Vaynerchuk you will know that he says that mobile phones used to be the 2nd screen that people watch. Now it is the 1st screen. And he has a company that promotes the sending of text marketing messages.


Easy and quick to send out, using the system that we use.

Total ‘hands-off’ marketing – you don’t talk to anyone

Virtually all recipients open the message

Cheaper and easier than most other forms of marketing

You only communicate with people who reply that they are interested in your offer – you don’t cold call anyone.

Little or no risk of falling foul of regulators (your message must contain an opt-out note – that’s it)

You don’t send from your mobile number using the service that we use.

You can schedule when the messages go out.

Okay – take a look. And remember – we will help you set it all up etc., so you don’t need any techie know-how. So how about we get this going?

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